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RAMZO Mining & Construction cc

is a black economic empowered engineering and technology company providing quality solutions in the field of mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control systems engineering. We offer turnkey mechanical and automation to custom suit mining, industrial and commercial clients' needs.

We follow current trends and developments in the Mechanical, Electrical, and automation sector, to ensure we provide our partners with the best possible solutions available. We specialize in projects form design, through to implementation and commissioning. We pride ourselves on our individualized approach and fit-for-purpose designs.


We do not only provide professional service but service that changes everyone's lives for the good.

We deliver quality

It is not a good quality service if it is not a Ramzo service, we will make sure that your goods are not just good quality but the best quality.

Always on time

We will make sure you get your orders always on time.

We are passionate

With our friendly and professional staff, we will always ensure every visit is a pleasant visit for all our clients.

Professional Services

The best way to see if our services is professional enough, give us a chance and we will show you that our services is not just professional and customer satisfactory.


Our Services

Engineering & Boiler Maker

We can provide you with Automotive, General Engineering , Steelworks & Maintenance. Come see what we have to offer to assist you in your business.

Our Services

Certiļ¬ed to Manufacture

Customised Trailers & Fiber Glass manufacture and repairs. Come see what we have to offer to assist you in your business.

Our Services

Construction & Whole Sale

Need to build we are the company to do all that for you in Civil & Fencing. That is not all in Wholesale we also do Fuel Distrobution.

Ramzo Mining & Construction Job Type Type video
Ramzo Mining & Construction Roof Rusing Engeneering
Ramzo Mining & Construction Steel Bending Engeneering
Ramzo Mining & Construction Three Roller Plate Engeneering

Made with love

All of our services are done with so much care it can be considered as we do our services with love.